Two-Bedroom Houston Apartments

Two-Bedroom Houston Apartments

Sometimes the best things come in pairs, and our two-bedroom luxury apartments at Allora Northwest Crossing are no exception. So whether you’re looking for extra room for a growing family, a home office, or simply because you need some elbow room, our Houston luxury homes have you covered. Best of all, every home has luxury features you will love. So why wait any longer? Discover the best in two-bedroom Houston apartments at Allora Northwest Crossing.

B2: Beautiful Two-Bedroom Luxury Apartments

The B2 is one of our largest luxury apartment floor plans, standing at about 1,220 square feet of living space, and there’s a wide array of our amenities within every inch. As a result, it’s the perfect home for families, roommates, remote workers, and those who want some breathing room. So whether you are remote working, trying to hit a deadline, or relaxing and ready to watch the big game, the B2 has you covered.

Two Beds of Delight

Both bedrooms have more than enough space to fit all your needs, such as a soft king-sized mattress, a computer desk, or even your own TV set. They also connect to their own spa-inspired bathroom. Now you don’t have to share your vanity unless you want to. Expansive walk-in closets leave extra room for every season of your wardrobe so you can dress to impress all year long.

Mingle Together with Ease

Finally, the gigantic living room makes it easy to host parties, hangouts, and “me” times. Serve up a meal for two or twenty in our modern kitchens. Even if you don’t love to cook, you will enjoy meal prep in this space. We even have handy coat closets by the front entrance to store away winter wear while your visitors come and play.

Discover the best in two-bedroom Houston apartments here at Allora Northwest Crossing. Sign up for an online or in-person tour of our B2 two-bedroom Houston luxury apartments before they’re gone.