Superior Sushi in Houston

Superior Sushi in Houston

Sushi is one of Japan’s most iconic cuisines, but you don’t have to travel to enjoy the best quality nigiri and sashimi in the world. Our luxury apartments at Allora Northwest Crossing give you easy access to superior sushi in Houston. Thanks to our great location, the best dining in Houston is at your fingertips. All you need is a hunger for adventure. So gather a few friends together and see what life at Allora Northwest Crossing is all about.

Uchi in Houston

Translated as “home” in Japanese, Uchi offers a welcoming atmosphere, fresh and delicious food, and an overall elevated experience that any sushi lover can enjoy. Located only twelve miles away from your home at Allora Northwest Crossing, it’s an easy Uber to your table. Being so close, it’s easy to make sushi a staple of your go-to dining out list.

Rolls and Rice Molded to Perfection

Every piece of nigiri, sashimi, or specialty sushi is made with the highest quality fish. From their simple sake salmon nigiri to their Sawara Spanish mackerel, it’s easy to taste the difference careful ingredient selection makes. They also offer delicious appetizers to enjoy, like their classic edamame, ebi shrimp tempura, or hot rock wagyu beef with ponzu. They even provide sweet desserts to finish your meal, such as jasmine cream or their seasonal sorbet trio.

Quench Your Thirst

Don’t forget to pair your sushi with one of their extensive wine selections. Try a sample of their imported hot sake, a glass of international wine, or one of their many homemade cocktails. Dinner and drinks are better with friends in any language, so remember to grab a few friends for dinner at Uchi.

Superior sushi in Houston is always on the menu at Uchi, only minutes away from your new home at Allora Northwest Crossing. Reserve a tour of our Houston luxury apartments and a table at Uchi this weekend.